Real Estate, Rock County, June 2015


JUNE 2015


June 2

2358 Tumbleweed Lane; Crosby Avenue Self Storage LLC to Jeffrey Nordin $137,000

1871 Harrison Avenue; Habitat for Humnaity of Rock and Jefferson Counties Inc. to Virrdiana Garcia Frias, Jose Luis Zuniga-Casique; $11,000

1420 Risher St.; Federal National Mortgage to Leslie L. Hamil; no fees listed

June 4

1437 Central Avenue; Housing & Urban Development to Shayla Edge and Chet Elliott; no fees listed

353 HIghland Avenue; Rock County Sheriff, Marlow D. Franklin, and Dena Pulliam-Franklin to WI Housing & Econ Dev Authority; no fees listed

June 9

1850 Sixth St.; County of Rock to Ladonna M and Rodney L. Knapp; no fees listed

1334 Sixth St.; Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC to Housing & Urban Development; $34,400

June 10

2043 Pioneer Drive; Federal Home Loan Mortgage to Federico & Maria Carrillo; no fees listed

819 Ninth Street; Rock County Sheriff, Jeramy R. and Sarah M. Jones to US Bank; no fees listed

June 11

1152 Lincoln Avenue; Housing and Urban Development to James & Shelly Cronin; no fees listed

June 15

1233 Hinsdale Avenue; TCF National Bank to Wisconsin Investment Properties LLC; $26,500

June 16

1688, 1693, 1694, 1702, 1703 Morse Avenue, 1721 Pine Street; RJ Adams Properties LLC and RJAR Properties to For Him Inc.; $250,000

604 Unit 240 Pleasant St.; Heritage View LLC to Matthew D. Forshee; $205,000

737 11th St.; Federal National Mortgage to Margaret F. Herbst; no fees listed

327 W. Grand Ave.; His Hands Inc. to For Him Inc.; $39,900

316 Locust St.; Water Stone Bank to Premier Grand Avenue Beloit LLC; $550,000

730 Cleveland St.; Federal National Mortgage to Graciela Moreno, Luis Moreno, Fernando Moreno; no fees listed

June 18

2250 West Hart Road; DMD Investment Inc. to Chambers IV LLC; $288,000

June 23

759 8th St.; Bank of New York Mellon to AZR Financial Inc.; $12,500

2238 Winchester Drive; Federal National Mortgage to Matthew J. Bright; no fees listed

726 Lincoln Ave.; Dario Chavez Rubio & Martha Chavez to For Him Inc.; no fees listed

732 Lincoln Ave.; County of Rock to For Him Inc.; no fees listed

June 24

1122 Jackson St.; Housing & Urban Development to ARN Properties LLC; no fees listed

209 Prospect St.; John T & Warren T. Duff to BMI LLC; $80,000

June 29

42 Merill St.; Glendora Hamilton to City of Beloit; $26,300

1201 Big Hill Court; Girl Scouts of Wisconsin-Badgerland Council Inc. to City of Beloit; $75,000

957 Third St.; Glendora Hamilton to City of Beloit; $35,000

940 Second St.; Glendora Hamilton to City of Beloit; $34,900

959 Third St.; Glendora Hamilton to City of Beloit; $36,600

1028 Mary St.; James Warren Sandmire Est to Bradley J. Sandmire, Last Lap Inc.; no fees listed


June 1

1050 Carrington St.; Blackhawk Community Cr Un to Paul E Dykstra and Emily A Maynard; $94,900

June 2

2610 ANtler Trail; Bonson Construction LLC to Brian A & Ashli N Huppert; $175,000

412 S. Academy St.; Deutsche Bank to Pennywise Properties LLC; $30,000

4327 Kingsford Drive; Advantage Homes Inc. to Faye E. Ball; $167,400

1065 S. River Road; Federal National Mortgage to Taylor L Moore; no fees listed

2011 Eastwood Ave.; Rock County Sheriff, Adedapo & Olajumoke Oduwole to Wisconsin Holdings LLC; $180,100

June 3

1855 S. Jackson St.; Helgesen Real Estate I LLC to Helgesen Real Estate V LLC; $252,500

1508 Hawthorne Ave.; Rock County Sheriff, Karen E. Woodland, Karen E. Greig AKA to US Bank Trust; no fees listed

June 4

815 Richardson St.; Housing & Urban Development to Bartlett Properties LLC; no fees listed

3300 N. Pontiac Dr.; Hooters Real Estate LLC to Backyard Properties of Rock County LLC; $1,225,000

June 8

115 S. Wright Road; Marklein Builders Inc to Terrence M. & Linda L. Baun; no fees listed

Just 9

3715 Sunrise Lane; Forster Construction LLC to Michael W & Kathy A Cox; $171,900

4625 Dresser Drive; GB Real Estate Holdings LLC to Airgas USA LLC; $2,300,000

1143 Wynd Tree Drive; Amwood Homes Inc to M Zachary & Kayla B Murphy; $297,000

2021 Meadow Lane; Blackhawk Community Cr Un to JRPR Capitol LLC; $40,000

1907 Black Bridge Road; Paul J & Amanda L Schieldt to Schieldt Holdings LLC; no fees listed

1019 W. Racine St.; Rock County Sheriff, Paul L Swiggum to Blackhawk Community Cr Un; no fees listed

June 11

1842 S. River Road; Barbara L Grodivant to Cedar Crest Inc.; $140,000

2421 Humes Road; CHI Fest Properties Janesville LLC to CHI Fest Properties Janesville II LLC; $850,000

June 12

1225 Bruin Lane; Rock County Sheriff, Richard H & Debra L Sime to Ty Cullen; $108,000

June 15

3600 Kennedy Road; Benjamin Fox to Kitsune Developments LLC; no fees listed

1327 Blaine Avenue; JRPR Capitol LLC to Heather M Briggs; $101,000

June 16

933 Benton Avenue; Michael J. Mayer to Ballweg Properties of Wisconsin LLC; $95,000

2411 Andre Avenue; US Bank to Minich Development LLC; $59,000

3966 Markham Dr.; Beringer Homes Inc. to RIchard P Saari & Desiree L. Nelms-Saari; $147,000

June 17

2205 Mt. Vernon Ave.; Rock County Sheriff, Rodney De Voll & Melissa Paulson-De Voll aka Melissa Paulson to HSBC Bank; no fees listed

June 19

1816 Holiet St.; Kenneth C. Buckley EST to Teo Investments LLC; $147,000

1134 Church St.; Rock County Sheriff, Jayson M. & Jessica Hanson aka Jessica Burkheimer, aka Jessica Nightingale, aka Jessica Nightengale to Wilmington Savings Fund Society; no fees listed

June 22

319 Fremont St.; High Street Investments LLC to Travis Derocha; $113,000

June 23

502 S. Locust St.; Wisconsin Partnership for Housing Development Inc. to Nichole C. Brown; $75,000

1015 Walker St.; Rock County Sheriff, Ashley R. Kleven and Richard A. Syverson to Citi Mortgage Inc.; no fees listed

June 24

4312 Hearthridge Drive; US Bank to Michael K. & Keva R. Gittings Graves; $200,000

June 25

1916 Clover Lane; Rock County Sherriff, Timothy D. & Kindra J. Hanson to Wells Fargo Bank; no fees listed

1523 S. Chatham St.; Rock County Sheriff, Rick A. DeGarmo to JPMorgan Chase Bank; no fees listed

June 26

3434 Doe Dr.; Bank of America to Bonson Construction LLC; $105,000

June 29

3099 Spaulding Avenue; V Mortgage REO 1 LLC to V Mortgage REO 1 LLC; $127,000

425 E. Milwaukee St.; Camac Real Estate LLP to 425 E. Milwaukee St. LLC; no fees listed

1117 N. Huron Dr.; Rock County Sheriff, Mary E. Bowen to Paul P. Dries; $83,500

June 30

19 Sunset Dr.; Rochelle D. Anderson to Triple P Enterprises LLC; $92,000

2342 Aspen St.; Carter Construction, to Arolyn L & Dennis L. Adams; $134,000

332 S. Academy St.; Peter B. Apted to Tabor Investments LLC; $4,000